Disability Business Network - Taking your business to the next level
Disability Business Network - Taking your business to the next level

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DisabilityBiz.org is part of a nonprofit organization that provides holistic resources and consulting services to people with disabilities who are starting up or running a small business.
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The challenges of being an entrepreneur with a disability
Being an entrepreneur is a challenging way for many to become economically self-sufficient -- for some it is the only way. But, having that "fantastic" idea for "meeting some community need" is just not enough. Other ingredients are also required to take that abstract thought and develop it into a real product or service.

At start up, a well thought out and organized plan of why, what and how is essential for developing a good, and not a bad, business idea. Then, the personal attributes and skills of the businessperson are very important elements that nourish that idea so that it can grow and survive. Our holistic/integrated approach sees the entrepreneur and his/her business as a whole system. One's business skills and resources, as well as one's more personal people and life skills are interdependent elements that nourish the business idea so that it can grow and survive.
We help provide the business and disability resources you need to become successful. 
DisabilityBiz.org is a subsidiary of Seed Business Network,
a CA 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - tax i.d. #20-0329975
Disability Business Network is dedicated to helping disabled entrepreneurs start and run their own businesses providing disability business consulting, disability resources, business resources and information needed for disability self-employment endeavors. Our website features DisBiz Forum,a disability business forum and our Business Basics online business planning workbook for Disability Business Network members.

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